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interior_designLike most recent courses, Interior designing has been growing as a discipline of study for the creative minded. It is constantly increasing the consciousness about 'interiors.' The nuclear reaction like rise in Real Estate has seen staggering numbers of Hotels, restaurants, shopping arcades, clubs, offices, community centres, auditoriums, theatres, homes and schools springing up all over towns.

All of them display a certain style and decor to match comfort and functionally. Initially this wasn't a deeply researched field as such but now ample thought goes into this as Real Estate based Business seek Branding all of this to maintain a constant feel of the place so that end customers instantly connect with the outlets; Look at any food chain one of the very important reasons behind the success of Chain based businesses is because they maintain a constant "Look" and "Feel" of the place, While the feel comes through human interaction i.e Service the Look largely if not entirely depends on the interiors. The trend of decor with an affluent ambience is prominent in most metropolitan towns and large cities. The concepts of interior designing and interior decoration have given an impetus to this growing trend. Interior designers work with architects, building consultants, technical experts and with large commercial groups, particularly those in the hospitality and the travel sector as specialists for interiors. Interior decorators on the other hand plan colour schemes, furniture, furnishings, decorations and arrangements.

What does interior decoration involve?

In simple words, 'Lots of things'. In some detail: here it goes.

Interior designers as part of their course and profession invariably acquire the technical knowledge of buildings and structures essential for planning of the spaces within, ventilation, electrical circuits and installations, drainage and water supply, air-conditioning and heating systems. They work in close coordination with architects in planning the layout of interiors for optimum utilisation of area, for creating spaces, for functionality as well as utility. Some architects specialise in designing interiors.

The work of Interior designers involves working on a variety of details for technical perfection and functionality keeping in mind budget allocations. They prepare layouts, elevations, perspectives and even prepare sample models. The trend with interiors keeps changing, for instance look at the window sizes of building over the last five years. In addition to this consider the floor space area and the ever changing look of consumer electronics, all of these are constantly changing parameters hence a interior designer has to keep himself updated about the latest materials and products available.

Look at the Real Estate housing advertisements in any of the newspapers, all the top players IndiaBulls, Lodha, DB Realty, Raheja etc. All these players who have landmark constructions across cities boast bout their interiors and how it has been carefully crafted to suite the taste buds of everyone. Honestly understanding the next statement could well be your career decision: Interior designing comes into play in 2 scenarios one commercial and two high end homes, Middle class families usually have each family member pick the colour of every room or some permutation on those lines. Nevertheless as an Interior designer you are always dealing with someone who isn't short of money in anyways, It is up to you how much you can make them pay and still make it look like a favour.

Your only credentials are your past works. Interior designers also work for designing of homes, commercial complexes, interiors of aircrafts and ships, industry, offices, hotel rooms, foyers, malls, restaurants, banquet and conference halls among others.

Interior Decorators:

Interior decorators consult on the use of color schemes, textures, fabrics and decorative materials, light effects, layout and furniture in creating an attractive and functional interior.This is of B2C in nature. Usually all seasoned decorators have their own set of vendors for materials and equipments, This way it becomes a win win for both parties. The end customer has to deal with a single point of contact and for the interior decorator he can up sell his services with the over riding commission on materials.They also offer professional advice for decoration of homes, business workplaces, restaurants, clubs, bars, conference and convention halls, community centres, shop and emporium window displays, set designs, exhibitions, etc. This is B2B in nature.

Interior Decorators in Media and Event Management:

There are as many as 120 channels on Air in India running 24 hours a day. Most of them have half an hour episodes of series running for years. We have not yet considered the larger picture of Bollywood, Tollywood and all other regional movies, Theatre comes next. All these lines of work constantly demand setups of any amount of situations and the best part of it a background to match the situation. Theatre and set designers work on the conventional stage decor and also for sets of film and TV. Designers work in close coordination with the director's plan for the whole production. In film and TV the main designer is often called the art director who briefs the carpenters, lighting technicians and set dressers and decorators. The number of openings for theatrical designers is very limited. Work is mainly freelance.

Also the saga of big fat Indian Weddings have astronomic, star wars styled sets these days all of these again demand a lot of designing beyond conventional decor.
Exhibitions are a big hit these days. From job fairs to colossal corporate exhibitions the number of these events is fast increasing. Here designing involves planning of entire exhibition sites to designing individual stands. Exhibition or graphic designers prepare display panels. The designers have to give the show an image within the exhibition itself and the publicity material a corporate identity.

Retail Designers / Visual Merchandisers:

Work here ranges from the shop window of a typical shop to a special marketing drive. Brands usually have seasoned collections to display. It is the individual's art that lays out the store in the most customer seductive way possible. When the shop becomes a complete design concept, then the appropriate term for it is retail design.

What does it take to be an interior designer?

Creativity and imagination: There is no replacement to this. It is a very personal business and hence connecting to different genres and different purposes of people needs a constantly thinking mind with a never ending appetite for creative deliveries.

Eye for Detail: Works in two ways: One in implementing plans and two in keeping up to date with changing trends.
Good Estimations: Estimations are very important. They must have numerical to calculate dimensions etc. The ability to draw important sketches "to scale".
Interior designers must be able to think three-dimensionally, visualise their ideas and construct models to demonstrate. Visual sensitivity, colour sense, an idea of lighting and -.. e :oration needs to be developed.
Good Communication Skills: As in any other profession, the language you communicate in could well scale the geography of your business.

How much Money can you make as an Interior Designer?

From four digit figures to infinity. As an intern you can barely pay for your travelling but over a period of time your earnings scale radically high depending o your engagement. This field is purely artistic Hence there are no fixed benchmarks in terms of numbers when it comes to the earning part of it. It is in direct relation to your output and very importantly recommendations at times.

Still your career would start at an approximate INR 5000 – INR 8000. Over the years one makes more as work is per project. In addition to professional services Interior designers also make huge margins on the materials they recommend.

Some of the most prominent of these colleges are:

Course College/Institute Contact Details
Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) (Craft- Interior Decoration) JJ School of Arts ,Dr. D. N. Road,Fort Mumbai-400 001 +91-22-2620488
Courses in Interior Designing Indian Institute of Technology (IIT),Powai, Mumbai - 400076, +91-22-25722545
Courses in Interior Designing Nirmala Niketan,49,New Marine lines,Mumbai-400020 +91-22-2206 7345
Courses in Interior Designing SNDT Women's University,Nathibai Thackersey Road,New Marine Lines,Mumbai 400 020 +91-22-2085439/2072792
Courses in Interior Designing Sophiya College , B.K somani Polytechnic,Bhalubhai desai Road,Mumbai 400026  
National Diploma course in Interior Design Exterior - Interiors, F-12, Kalkaji, New Delhi 110019  
Government Diploma course Rachna Sansad, School of Interior design ,278,shankar Ghanekar Marg,Prabhadevi,Mumbai- 400 025  
BFA (Applied Art) degree course Rachna Sansad, School of Interior design ,278,shankar Ghanekar Marg,Prabhadevi,Mumbai- 400 025  
Courses in Interior Designing IITC ,102 Richmond Road, Bangalore - 560025,Karnataka 91-80-22219497/22229073 Fax-91-80-2262637
Courses in Interior Designing School of Interior Design ,6/3, 1st Main Road, Vasanthnagar,Bangalore - 560052, Karnataka  
Courses in Interior Designing Exteriors Interiors P Limited ,2nd floor, Dhondusa Complex, 9 Residency Rd, Bangalore - 560025  

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