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nitwThe new year is bringing in some great news for students across NITs and IITs this year. With Placement scene entering it's second phase, companies are picking students by the number and engineers are raking up big bucks. NIT Warangal's Placement coordinator, Manikanth Kasula speaks to Gyancentral's Ashish Korada and Surya Ragunaathan about the season's next phase.

Can you share the placement statistics of this year till date – phase one and phase two?

We have got more than 650 job offers till date with the compensation varying from around 3.5 l lacs pa to 65 lacs pa.

NITs seem to be drawing in better placement results than some IITs. Please comment.

Well, it's always the media hype because the placement season in NITs starts way earlier than the IITs. Unlike the placement calendar in the IITs, ours starts in the third week of July and goes on throughout the year. So when a company offers around 65lpa to a NIT student when no news of hefty packages offered to IITians is doing the rounds, it is a big thing.

With regard to the software giants-Yes, we have managed to get quite a good number of them.
However placements for the core branches have been a bit on the lower side. Companies that generally recruit 3-4 students have ended up taking just 1-2.

Which companies do students prefer as in coding, finance, core, etc?

Most of the students from the core branches prefer the core-sector irrespective of the pay (considering the fact that core companies pay a little less initially when compared to the finance/software side). However a good number of them (especially from metallurgy/biotechnology) have an interest in making a career in finance/management sector.

The number of companies registered till now? What is the number last year, how many yet to come? How do you try to improve the same?
So far, we've got more than 100 companies on campus this year. Because of the high court ruling against PSUs recruiting through campus selections, we had to invite more companies this year in order to compensate esp. for branches like mechanical and electrical engineering.

The number of students placed till now? What was the number last year? How many yet to come? How do you try to improve the same?

As I mentioned previously, we have got more than 650 offers so far with a significant number of people bagging more than one job.

What is the placement procedure that you follow?

The placement calendar in our institute is spread out through the year starting from the third week of July. We (student coordinators) categorize the companies into different phases depending upon the work profile, pay package etc. and invite them accordingly. Owing to the nature of our placement calendar, companies have the option to visit our campus soon after they are done with the HR audit and finalizing future recruitment plans.

What role do student coordinators play in the process of campus placements?

Student coordinators play a very major role in the process of campus placements. Most of the work (from inviting companies to taking care of their accommodation and travel plans for their visit to the campus) is done by us. We assign a student coordinator for every company that visits the campus to who coordinates along with the HR representative of the company through the selection process.

What are the skills that companies are looking out for in the students?

The software companies look for people with strong grip over the fundamentals. As far as I know, they give second preference to the communication abilities unlike the core companies)
However, core companies want the students to work for them for at least a period of 2-3 years post training. Some of the companies give that aspect first preference along with the communication abilities with the technical aspect coming next.

The variation in pay packages across branches and CGPA?

The pay package varies from 3 lacs pa to 65 lacs pa.
The average package for some of the branches are as follows:

CSE- 9-10 lacs pa
ECE- 7-8 lacs pa.
Non circuit (mechanical and chemical) - around l lac pa during the training period.

What percent of students are looking forward to make an entrepreneurship debut?

We have not done any study to find out the exact number of students. But around 5-10 percent of the students from each branch have not registered for the placement process due to various reasons (preparation for Civil services, making an entrepreneurship debut, etc).

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