Speed is the key for cracking the SRCC GBO entrance test Featured

Speed is the key for cracking the SRCC GBO entrance test Speed is the key for cracking the SRCC GBO entrance test

SRCC_GBOThe SRCC GBO entrance exam is scheduled on 29th January 2012. The Diploma in Global Business operation offered by SRCC is considered a credible post graduate course in India. With approximately 10 days to go for the test, GyanCentral catches up with Nikhil Garg, a first year student at SRCC GBO to know more about the entrance test and process of shortlisting.

Can you please give some information on the paper structure for the SRCC GPO test?

There are 160 questions in the exam, 4 sections and 40 questions each. The four sections would be English, DI, Quant and General knowledge. Plus four for right answers and minus one for each wrong answer. There is no sectional cutoff.

Can you tell us a little bit about the difficulty level of the paper?

It is a lot of like SNAP paper; actually a lighter version of SNAP to be precise. The questions would not difficult. Speed is the key criteria. One needs to solve 160 questions in 120 minutes so one has to keep a track of the time. The advantage you get here is as that there is no sectional cutoff so you can maximize your score in your areas of strength.

How is the sectional difficulty of the paper?

It would depend from person to person. I personally would prefer Quant or a DI section while some people would prefer English section as English would also take less time because there are simpler questions like fill in the blanks and other grammar based question. They can complete it in 15 minutes. So they have time to finish other sections.

Which are the best sources for preparation for the same?

Aspirants can download the papers of the previous 3 years. Aspirants after going through the papers would get an idea about how the paper would be like. Apart from that they should practice SNAP mock papers because there might not be specific GBO mock papers. The paper is very similar to SNAP in terms of difficulty. XAT and CAT are much more difficult. So it would not be advisable for them to prepare from XAT or CAT material for GBO.

What is the process after the writing shortlisting?

The paper is on 29th of January, the results would be out by 1st week of March. After that the GD-PI list is out; For 62 students they generally call shortlisted student in 1:6 ratio. GD's are done in the group of 8-10 people which depends on the number of candidates coming for the process. For example in a slot they have called 30 people and 25 people turn up so they adjust people in the group accordingly. If 30 people have come then they would divide the group in to a slot of 10, 10 and 10. PI is conducted by the faculties of SRCC and most are from the finance and commerce background. There is no group task or group case study in the GBO process

What would be the ratio of the number of the call getter to the number of seats?

1:6 is the ratio of number of seats and number of shortlisted candidates.

What was the cut-off last year of the GBO course?

Last year it was 277 for the general category and previous to that year it was about 300 for the general category. Last year the difficulty level of the exam was higher than usual. So the cut-off would depend on the difficulty level of the paper,the level changes every year and also on the number of test takers.

Topics asked during GD and PI?

Last year there were no current affair topics. The topic that I got in my GD was "A bigger Flame burns the candle faster:". The trend is to ask more abstract topics. Students are required to pick chits and discuss the topic mentioned in the chit.

What are the topics which are given a lot of importance during the interview?

Finance questions like, what is the fiscal deficit of the country?, what is the current deficit? among others. SRCC is a commerce college and the panel would consist of faculty or professionals with a background in Finance or Economics. Students will be well advised to prepare for finance and economics topics well in advance.

What factors are given weightage during admission?

Written paper takes a lot of weight age. The written paper is assigned a 75 percent weightage of the total. In the GBO, they take the mixture of the students. Usually in management institutes, engineers form majority of the students. However in GBO in the 2011-2013 batch engineers constitute 50% of the total students while there is a considerable amount of students with a commerce and B Pharm background.

Can you elaborate on the course structure in GBO?

We do not have any electives, it is a fixed course. In some of the colleges you would find that in the second year they get to specialize in finance or other specializations. We do not have such specialization and cover the entire spectrum of management studies.

What kind of profiles are offered to students?

We get a maximum of marketing research profiles. For finance we get credit rating companies.

What is the process for lateral placements?

No there is only a single process for the students. There is no separate lateral placement process

Summer placements?

The process is right now going on, we would be able to tell by February and March. We would be in the better position to tell.

In the placements, do students have the option to choose the companies or is it like one student one offer?

Till 80 percent of the class is placed there is only one student one company. So that everybody gets a fair chance and the others do not lag behind.

Can you elaborate on the campus life at SRCC?

We have a good industry connection in the campus. In September 2011 we had the HR summit, On 4th February, 2012y we have a marketing summit and on 5th February, 2012 we have a finance summit and in March 2012 we would have a management festival. The college is always filled with extra curricular activities.

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Nikhil_GargThe author, Nikhil Garg is a 2011-2013 batch student at SRCC GBO. He mentors a lot of students on preparation and guidance for the SRCC GBO entrance test

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